Be Brave, Be Bold - Be You!

Be Brave, Be Bold - Be You!

Will you be bold in 2018?

A few days ago as I set out to driving up to Vermont to look at a wonderful house, I realized I was being brave. I was driving with the the intention of seeking and finding my new home, in a state I know not very much about except for their high quality of amazing Maple Syrups and Artisanal Cheeses. 

It was exciting, thrilling, experienced ghosts and found the whole day a complete whirlwind after arriving back in the Hudson Valley on that very same night by 10pm.

So what's so brave about this even, should you ask? It's the stepping into the unknown, the Fool's Card in a tarot deck, the innocence of being a new born baby taking their first steps yet having a sense of faith knowing there is a floor beneath them at some point.

Today's inspiring words are about you being brave, being bold and in you being simply you. This is not about you being brave all the time, that would be most exhausting. But even trying new things indeed is a very brave act in its self.

As when we try new things, it is in that moment when we grow the very most. Stepping out of that normalcy and into the unknown without attachment to outcomes in regards to your wanting to grow your art and creative career is when the creative magic happens.

Perhaps you tried new approaches with your art. Tried new mediums, or took a course you thought was over your head. Share with us today, if you like, in the comments section below this post, one brave thing you experienced this year. How did it make you feel? How did it make you grow? Were you surprised by it's effect on you? What will you be brave about in 2018? Share if you will, us curiously creative minds want to know! 

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  • Leah Quinn
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