5 Quick Tips In Tackling Your ‘To Do List’ That Really Work. Don’t stress, finesse it.

5 Quick Tips In Tackling Your ‘To Do List’ That Really Work. Don’t stress, finesse it. 0

Ever get so stressed with that long ‘to do list’ that you are completely overwhelmed? So much so, you might even frozen up a bit? Perhaps it’s too ‘peoply’ out there for some of you that it brings a certain anxiety in doing certain things on your list. Perhaps you got stunned by a blowfish. 

You get the idea. What is it about tackling our things to do lists that gets us up in a state of frenzy or overwhelm? Are we trying too hard? Not enough? Is it ok if you don’t finish everything on that list? So on and so on goes the list of questions to ask why. 

What worlds have we created that we get so anxious to the point of becoming almost frozen to not take action in attacking that preverbal ever-lasting & never ending ‘to do list’? 



5 Quick Tips In Tackling Your ‘To Do List’ That Really Work.

While we may not always have the answer - like it’s one’s health, or you’re really thinking about other things that are seriously worrying you. We often allow our minds to become too busy-body, that as soon as we wake up, it turns into a state of frenzy with thoughts whirling in our minds. 

These thoughts start to rattle, and the lists begin in your head. You’ve barely turned on the light to the bathroom door, you’ve but just shuffled your feet from your bed only a few feet. And so the anxiety starts. You can stop instant thinking like this.  

I so get it. I’ve been there. Countless times. But lately in some of the Facebook groups, the theme of how to tackle your ‘things to do list’ has come back into play as we head into the busy holiday season. And many are seeking solutions. 

So let’s get to why we are here today reading this post. 

It seems unreal at times but I will tell you a little secret. It’s all just about the time.

Time is the secret. It’s how we segment and intend each of our days and in allowing how these segments play out is the key to having less stress and anxiety in your day, on any given day of the week in doing all the things we wish to accomplish.

But most importantly, it’s really, really looking at what’s most necessary for you. It’s keeping it simple and doable. It’s about having your life back. It’s about recognizing what you truly need in any given day. It’s about bringing it back to the basics and what can bring joy to you today.

We often ask so much of ourselves because we truly want to do good in this world. We want to serve humanity. We want to improve our lives. And we should serve others, it is our truest calling as beings having a human experience, in as much as we should strive to do better the next day.. 

We feel by doing so much we are in fact serving others in the best way. And this is not necessarily always true. 

So in helping yourself and others, tackling that things to do list is more approachable  - here are my five quick tips.

Why Even Have A Things To Do List?

1) Ditch the ‘things to do list’ entirely - and instead, grab a page from your notebook and start writing down the things you did accomplish...no matter how small. 1) made bed, 2) took shower 3) collected garbage for trash , etc. It starts to become a game. On some days you may realize you were doing a lot more than you even imagined. 

Don’t Stress. Finesse That List.

2) Create a huge major list of all your things to do - as some are projects, some or short simple tasks, etc. and prioritize them and try to schedule them for the week(s) & months ahead even. As days/weeks progress, you can go back and check off items accomplished and done - I like a major list because I can see everything in its entirety that needs to be done and don’t have to be overwhelmed by it all on a daily basis. Plus having it written down reduces any stress. You can update it at anytime.  

3) Try to choose only three things and concentrate on those for the day. No more no less. Just do the three. One small, one medium & one big. You can refer to your master list to choose those tasks or go with what’s important for today to be a success for you.

4) Set the timer for 15 minutes, and tackle one thing on your list. Usually we worry more than we need to - and waste more time in anxiety, but once we start doing the work, putting music on always helps, and choose to feel joy - these are easy tasks especially when broken down to manageable parts.
The 15 minute timer is a great one when you seem frozen with anxiety... and see if you can do three 15 minute segments throughout the day to tackle the chores.

5) Try segmenting time with intentions. Once we segment and intend with positive foresight, tasks are usually easier to manage. You can share with yourself, something along the lines of, with this moment of (insert 30 min, 1 hr, etc.) time, I will be easily handing this ‘task’ or say, ‘I easily have the time to handle this next step for x amount of time (30 minutes, 1 hour). 

Overall, time is a precious thing. The 15 minute timer trick is a great way to get unfrozen about your to do list. Most cleaning tasks take but just that. And even one area of your home less frazzled will make you in turn less frazzled. 


So don’t sweat the big stuff or small stuff. Enjoy each hour you are here. Intend your time is spent well and with joy in you heart. Your to do list is just that. A suggested list of things to occupy your time here on earth. Spend your time wisely. 

( 💋 Leah )