Luscious Lip Balm

Product Description

Tired of always having to reapply your 'chapshtick'? Yea me too! There's relief, and it starts with understanding how certain petroleum products don't help as much as they should. I know differently, and I know know you do too!

You don't want chemicals on your body! You need it to be soft and healing. The kind you need two of, because one goes in your purse and the other it in your car. Do note, this is often stolen by your bestie, you might want to get her one as well! Just saying! You can thank me later. 

My ever-popular Luscious Lip Balms as always, are hand poured and crafted with using only 100% organic ingredients, the way nature intended. Made with coconut oil, our calendula oil, a smidgeon amount of beeswax, Vitamin E and organic essential oils of peppermint and spearmint (cinnamon for the other option) 

Luscious Lip Balm - It Pampers Your Pucker™.

Don't just believe me, ask what customers say about it!

"It's my favorite - I don't need anything else!"
-Stacey R.

"OMG - I've tried everything on the market, until I tried your Luscious Lip Balm, my lips were constantly dry and chapped. I now use your lip balm but once a day - because it really works! And it last such a long time too!"
-Erin W.