Apothecary Herbs

Offering over 60 certified organic apothecary herbs, our list grows with each month. This gives you the chance to try a new diy product buying only what you need and not a complete pound (unless you need that, we can do that too!)

Our apothecary herbs are sold by the ounce. We also offer custom orders as well.
Just Ask Us! If you practice herbology, chinese medicine, and other therapies where herb and powders are needed, we probably got you covered!

We also offer other apothecary diy related products for creating your own products like apothecary bottles, shea butter, coconut oil, etc. Webpage for our supplies is coming soon, but many apothecary supply items are always available at our flagship store in Beacon, NY. 

And if you're not sure, show us the recipe you are trying to make, and we will help you get the products together so that you can create your masterpiece product on your own!

As we are updating our new online store and migrating from our older servers, we thank you for your patience as we are updating as fast as we can!

Apothecary Herbs

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