Body Buff - the All Natural Face & Body Scrub with Manuka Honey

Product Description

This handcrafted and whipped face and body buff is just what your skin ordered.

Light and fluffy coconut oil, calendula oil & shea butter are whipped to perfection making for a most skin-pleasing experience. Next we add actual calendula flowers, organic 'Ancient Forest Tea' from Mountain Rose Herbs as it acts like both a black and green tea which is a fabulous toner for the skin, lavender flowers - whip it all up and well you got one body buff that will gently exfoliate your tender skin without harming your skin nor the environment with those fake plastic beads mostly found in other store-bought products.

Makes for a wonderful moisturizing and naturally scrubbing mask with the lovely bits of lavender and calendula flowers including manuka honey! 

To use, wash normally, then when in shower, apply scrub, massage into skin, then rinse with warm water. Pat skin dry. 

Made for Normal to Severe Dry Skin.