Running Feather Balm

Product Description

Running Feather Balm

Reduce pain in your body, naturally with our Running Father Balm. It's specifically is made for sore muscles, aches, pains, sprains, arthritis and general inflammation that can wreak havoc on your daily activities. Running Feather Balm was created to help reduce the inflammation making movement easier.

We offer our balms in various sizes:  2 & 4oz sized glass jars.

How & Why We Developed Running Feather Balm:

We first created our running feather as a massage oil for one of our customers who had chronic and constant pain in their knees and ankles from years as being an active athlete. It was debilitating for this dear friend of ours. We really wished to help them. So we did our research, started creating our own organic arnica oils, then added various and specific organic therapeutic grade essential oils knowns to reduce inflammation within this body - and Running Feather is the result of all that research. 

How To Use Running Feather Balm:

To use running feather balm, simply take a small pea size amount of the balm and place into palms. Rub palms together to warm up balm, then apply gently and rub onto areas of pain. Apply 2-3x daily for relief. Running Feather Balm is perfect for after exercising hard, running marathons and the like to help muscles heal from being over-exerted. For topical use only. 


We also have Running Feather Massage Oil & Running Feather Butter.

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