Learn How To Use POD (Print on Demand) to Sell Your Artwork Now at The Art Lounge 365 with Leah Quinn

Your friends keep telling you to sell your art right? Right!

Yes they do actually! You know they say this, time and time again! 

Are you ready to take your art and art income to the next level? 

Want to learn how to sell your art easier? And faster to boot?

Want to learn how you can use these product mockups on your social media to sell your artwork immediately?

Yes you are ready, already! I'm In, Let me choose my time and date now!

Then look no further and learn how easily it is to offer your art onto various products (that you can control) and sell immediately on your website in just a few moments. With POD companies (print on demand) they print your artwork onto a variety of products that you can then offer the world, easily and quickly along with a price point that is right for you. 

I am not talking just about Redbubble or Society6 here folks - because many of you, the artistic tribe I already know and love, probably already have a shop over at these two sites I just mentioned.

And that's great!

But did look at their shipping rates? Have you seen some of the limits in keeping your work private, or getting noticed?

Or what about embedding a product right onto your website? Yeah - I thought so! Those particular sites don't make it very easy. 

And have you seen their shipping rates? Yikes!

This is why this POD live webinar is for you!

You know there are perhaps better options for you, and where it's easier to set the retail price (and your profit that you would like to gain)

And what about being able to embed the products onto your website - you can't at the moment, not without sending people and your web visitors down a rabbit hole away from your site for them to find other artists and leave your page 'in the dust'.

With this Live Webinar, you will learn about the companies Printly, Gooten, Art of Wear, Pixels, and Rageon. You will get to see them 'in action' quite literally, in 'real time' just how simply you can get your art out there and onto your website in just moments, without any coding knowledge from you! Sweet!

I will show you what these companies have to offer you through this live Webinar hosted by little 'ol me before you buy into anything. You will get to see these companies in action, watch how easily it is to create a product with your own incredible art and have it go live on your website in moments. 

Whose this Webinar For?

This hour long live webinar is designed with you in mind!

The artist who wants to move her art selling to a new level.

The smart artist who knows there are other ways out there to make a buck and support one's self and whose time is tight. I know you're super busy!

I get you, I really do! 

You see,  just like you, I have taken a variety of online courses (and in fact many of the exact same courses that you have) and I have learned a lot about POD companies in recent months, so much so, that I wish to now share with you what I have learned so that you too, can start right away in selling your art on products and get to your selling you art today. 

With 8 years plus experience in running a successful brick and mortar shop called Heart and Soul Apothecary along with multiple online stores and having been a webmaster to many clients over the course of 20+ years, there is a lot that I have learned that I can bring to you and share with you.

So learn how to best showcase your art to the world and to your public with this webinar.

Plus it's just in time before the holiday shopping starts, you will be ready to promote your art from greeting cards to duvet covers! All without having to worry about inventory - your shop will seemingly seem to run its self. 

And get in while there is still room as I have set a limited number of people who can join each webinar.

With a limited number of you attending, I will be able to best answer each and every one of your questions in the live webinar. 

I wanted to create a webinar for you to really learn how to get your own products selling on your website and fast at that!

With this live seminar you will learn:

  • Just how easy it is to really start creating products for sale with your art on the products.

  • See how to immediately make them available on your website.

  • You will get to see each of these POD companies 'in action' as each company is not necessarily the same nor offer the same items.

  • See how these companies work seamlessly with not only Shopify, but how they can also easily embed the POD products right onto your own website (on Wix or Squarespace or even your Facebook page.) And I will show you how!

  • Learn how to easily use the images you create so that you can also immediately start sharing them on your social media channels to help start promoting your art on products (again all in real time!)

Bonuses you'll receive for participating in this webinar:

  • Special Playback Link to Your Webinar Recording. 

  • Special Discount Links For Private Coaching and to Shopify plus a Downloadable PDF Cheat Sheet to Better Prepare Your Art Files. (a $75 value)

  • One Lucky Winner Will Receive a One hour long live coaching session with me to help them start their own shop with their own art. I will walk you personally through each step! That's worth $100 right there. 

Feel free to ask other artists who have had private coaching sessions with me such as Lori B. who just this week shared this:

I just wanted to give the lovely Leah Quinn a shout out for some excellent guidance she gave me yesterday. What a productive coaching session! I have been dragging my feet in getting my site up because I was unhappy with some of it, but I have now decided that I will get it completed and up by October 17, so that I can show it on the weekly live call and get some feedback. Leah helped me learn more about Shopify so that I can offer some products with my designs on the site as well.

So choose the date below which best fits your schedule, and you will receive a welcome email to the live webinar with a link. I use Zoom software to run my webinars, so you will need to download the free app before you start your webinar.

What are you waiting for? Now is better than never! Click on the product below to choose which time slot if best for you.

If you should have any questions about this webinar or other courses I offer, please feel free to email me (Leah) at artlounge365@gmail.com.  

Learn How To Use POD (Print on Demand) to Sell Your Artwork Now at The Art Lounge 365 with Leah Quinn

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