Lavender Sage Tea by Heart and Soul Apothecary

Product Description
Lavender & Sage Tea

This simple blend of wonderful organic lavender with wildcrafted white sage soothes the soul. Lavender is not just used to help reduce anxiety by its smell alone!

Lavender studies have shown drinking lavender tea helps with reducing inflammation, supports and helps to detoxify the body as it is slightly astringent.

Sage on the other hand no only relaxes one, but is also useful in luling one to sleep, while helps to ease menstrual pains, improve memory and support immunity while easing menopause symptoms. 

Add a little honey to this full of antioxidant tea for a relaxing afternoon nap or for anytime you wish to lay low for a bit. 

Brew time 4-6 minutes. Caffeine-Free



The Chef Maven
of Heart & Soul


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