About Heart & Soul Apothecary

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Hi, I'm Leah Quinn, the founder of Heart & Soul Apothecary.

As chief maker and full-time artist, I love crafting and creating products that are enjoyed by others with their full Heart and Soul with a dash and nod to spiritualism, new age and Feng Shui thrown in.

Founder of Heart and Soul Apothecary: Leah Quinn

Being creative everyday while helping others be and become the best they can feel by using my products is a true joy in what I strive for with each and every working day. I love helping people with my products that are carefully crafted, researched and designed with providing your Heart and Soul a most wonderful experience. 

My business has grown, moved to beautiful Vermont and has even seen ups and harsh downs like many small business owners since 2020. I am truly grateful with every small order, which in turns helps me to support back other small business owners. It helps each of us stay in business and pay the electric bill. 

If I am not rinsing my paint brushes, creating repeat designs or making product, you can find me tending my garden and cats while helping other creative business women with honing their creative business goals through coaching, workshops and retreats.

Love the life you design. 



Why Choose Heart & Soul Products?

I take great care in finding fair-trade and certified organic ingredients as a base from which I prepare and create my teas, spice blends, apothecary and aromatherapy products because I know you care what goes into your body and onto your body. It matters! 

By careful research and great care to what I put into my artisan crafted goods, I provide natural alternative products that are safe for you, baby, family and of course our loving pets. Oh and they smell really good too!

I choose to be limited in my packaging and use only recycled materials wherever possible. I’ve even made my shipping boxes be able to be upcycled into DIY hand colored boxes you can use for your own home.

I use no chemicals, parabens and are products are always 100% alcohol-free. With my first store in Beacon NY, we are now located in beautiful Bellows Falls, Vermont in the town of Rockingham. 

Shop is open by appointment to the public from Wednesdays-Saturdays 12pm-5pm. Messenger us on Facebook or call to make an appointment. We’d love to show you our showroom shop in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Products are available both wholesale and retail.