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Product Description

Welcome to the aromatherapy spray mist collection. Each small batch is hand crafted and made with the freshest of ingredients. Each blend has its own unique blend I have created to set the scene as you need while also making your body and rooms smell extra fresh.

Ingredients: Always only 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils, Organic Botanical & Herbal Hydrosols, Double Distilled Organic Witch Hazel, and Distilled Water.

Always: Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Alcohols, No Naughties, No Worries! 

Spray mists are in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles a 80ml (~2.5 oz) Many of these blends have matching aromatherapy candles, bath salt soaks, lotions and essential oil blends.

To UsePlease always shake bottle well before use. This will distribute the essential oils throughout the hydrosols. Then spray mist accordingly.

  • If using on fabric, do a quick spot check, but thus far we have not seen any damage to any soft surfaces and fabrics.
  • If it's a facial mist, please close eyes and gently spray into the air then carefully walk through allowing the mist to land on your face. 
  • If it's a body mist, apply where needed.

Our Line Of Apothecary Spray Mists:

  • Tame Your Flame - For Hot Flash Relief & For Cooling Body Down S.T.A.T. (Body)

  • Reassurance - A Romantic Rose & Rose Hydrosols Gently Soothe. (Face, Body, Room)

  • Relaxing Lavender Chi - Great for Grounding and Relief of Anxiety (Body, Room)

  • Vavoom Zen - An Awakening Blend and Opening Breathing (Body, Room)

  • Grateful Abundance - A New Customer Favorite with its Lemongrass (Body, Room)

  • Rock Star - A Nervine Spray Mist that helps to Ground you and give your confidence to rock out! (Face, Body, Room)

  • Romance - A wonderful calming and loving spray - perfect to use anywhere. Soft notes of rose with a hint of lavender and other delicate flowers makes this one a sweet treat for those that like a hint of vintage Victorian gardens. (Face, Body, Room)

  • Thieves - Your natural deodorizer and antiviral spray. (Room & Hard Surfaces only)

  • Just Rosey - It's all about the rose! Rose Hydrosols with Rose Essential Oils. (Face, Body, Room)

  • Facial H20 - A Hydrating Facial Mist seems to help to diminish those fine lines you don't want. (Face, Decolletage, Body)

  • Lavender Love - Well as you guessed it, it's all lavender with 3 types of lavender essential oils including lavender hydrosol. (face, body, room)

  • Beacon Woods  - A seasonal fragrance profile, with hints on 'manly' exotic spices. (Body, Room)

  • Beacon Pines - For those that like the woods and the smell of pine trees, this is the one for you! (Body, Room)

  • Trudy Truly Patchouli - For you lovers out there of Patchouli, this is created for you! 

  • White Sage - This a great alternative natural spray mist for your smudging ceremonies and when you wish to clean the air. A batch is made only once a month during the full moon when we energize the water and hydrosols for use in this spiritual cleansing spray mist with healing crystals prior for using in our white sage mist. (body, room) - Listed under smudging supplies

  • Beacon Bay - For the love of seas and waterways, this is our exotic take with Bay West Indies Essential Oils. (Body, Room)

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Raymond Ware
Love them!

Great service for great products. The fragrances are delicious and are adding joy to my days!