Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Product Description

Hand Poured Soy & Beeswax Candles with Organic Essential Oils

You know that feeling when you come home from a hard day's work? You throw your shoes off, you drop that heavy bag from over your shoulder to the couch or bench, you turn on the lights, or even turn them off and then you hang up your keys. You have a moment, that treasured moment. You're grateful. You're home, finally. Even if it's just what you're calling it now, should it be're home. 

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And you just want to sit down, relax for just a few moments before you start your evening routine. You just want to take a long slow deep breathe in....and than an even slower exhale out... you just want to breathe. You just want peace. (So do we...)

But you're not there go into the kitchen, you grab that cup of tea, or even perhaps a glass of vino (and yeah, we won't tell), and you know now, what you want to do next...

You're going to go over to that table. You are locating the matches and you're going to light up those special candles you love.  The one's that quickly and softly permeate your room with delicious aromatherapeutic scents from the organic essential oils... you just love how even smelling them helps you release some of that anxiety and take the day's stress away.

So quickly do they make the room and the tension of the day go perhaps start to smile again. "You did good today" you tell yourself. You deserve this moment! (And we know you do too!)

....And that's why we've created our aromatherapy candle line of all natural hand-poured candles that are made with our very own Organic Essential Oils and special blends. Like you, we were long gone and done with those candle specialty stores that use non-natural fragrances. We knew there was another way. We knew there was an alternative to fragrance oils that contain phosphates and un-natural ingredients that aren't good for you, your family or your pets. 

Our Aromatherapy Candle Descriptions:

Since 2012, We have been making our hand poured candles, one candle at a time and loyal customers have us busy making more every month! 

Each of our candle fragrance 'profiles' are designed specifically to help an area in your life with the benefits of using carefully created blends that are for your home, your time in space, your spirit, your heart and soul. 

Currently we offer our candles in a 7.5oz glass jar with lid and in a 2.75oz glass jar with lid. Depending upon fragrance profile, we hand pour each of our candles using either 100% extra high-quality soy wax (that's even kosher certified) or pure beeswax. 

Occasionally we will offer our candles as Tea Lights and in larger glass jars, usually around the holiday times...

In getting the most out of your aromatherapy candles make sure that the candle wick is 1/4" in length for every time you light your candle. Never burn a candle unattended, nor do we suggest to burn any candle more than two hours at a time. 

Our beautiful looking organic aromatherapy candles are perfect anytime and for when you want to have that special bath time, to relax, to freshen up your room's air quality, to meditate, etc. 

Super great as hostess gifts, for use in spas, alternative therapy rooms, etc. 

Also check out our other lines to add to your mix! In many cases, we also create spray mists, incense, luxury bath soaks & scrubs using the same fragrance profiles!

Fragrance Profiles:

  • Beacon Bay - For those who like a dive into a deeper sense of space with exotic notes of bay rum & rosemary. This will also remind you of the sea, ever so slightly. Made with soy wax.

  • Beacon Knight - Manly without being too manly if you know what I mean. A nice woodsy fragrance profile with light notes of cedarwood, spruce. Very grounding to one's root chakra. Made with soy wax.

  • Calm Here - A light citrus calming blend with gentle notes of lavender - instead of yelling come here, you can know say 'calm here'. Made with soy wax.

  • Citrus Fennel - A lovely Ayurvedic blend helps to brighten up one's mood with delicious warming fennel with cooling various citrus notes. Helps to balance one's soul. Made with soy wax.

  • Grateful Abundance - A big favorite of our customers, created to help bring more abundance into one's life with the awareness of being more grateful for that incoming of abundance. With notes of lemongrass, grounding cedarwood and a gently breeze of loving patchouli. 

  • Intention - These specially made candles are for creating your special prayers and intentions and actually contain Lapis Lazuli Stone Chips along with a gentle fragrance notes of lavender and peppermint. Made with soy wax.

  • Love, Love, Love (limited edition) - Usually made around the holidays and Valentine's Day, this lovely romantic blend of essential oils are known to help bring a little more love into your life with hints of vanilla, rose, and lavender.

  • Meditation - This candle is by far our most exotic one that is used in a slew of spas and yoga studios in and around the area. Frankincense, Myrrh, Clove and other spice aromas help to create a safe haven of space to explore meditation and opening your third eye and crown chakras. Made with Beeswax. 

  • Mt. Beacon Pine -  A truly delicious woodsy scent profile makes this a welcomed favorite for many. Like a crisp day walking up Mt. Beacon and into the pine woods. Helps to deodorize while calm and grounds one's spirits. Made with soy wax. 

  • Mt. Beacon Musk - Our all natural version of 'Egyptian Musk' without the help of the actual musk deer from Russia. Exotic, warming but without going that overboard hippy-style.

  • Reassurance - For those moments when frankly, you need a little more reassurance and confidence in your life. Notes of rose, citrus with a hint of patchouli. Made with soy wax.
  • Relaxing Lavender Chi - One of very first fragrances we created. Helps balance emotions, grounding of the root chakra and of course the lavender is known to reduce anxiety and bring on relaxation. Made with soy wax.

  • Romance - Similar to our 'Reassurance', but with more pronounced notes of patchouli and rose, to help bring more love forth into your present moment. Great for those who love rose (and it's not your grandmother's rose either - fresh, not heady - and no disrespect to anyone's nana neither!) Made with soy wax.

  • Seasonal Bliss (limited edition) - Just in case you want that holiday feeling, we got you covered! Warming notes of cinnamon and various pines and cedarwoods helps this one make you think you have a fire going in the fireplace. Made with soy wax.

  • Spirit - This lovely exotic blend of organic oils helps to cleanse the energy with it's various sages along with supporting spirituality with light notes of lemon and peppermint, frankincense and myrrh. Great for ceremonies, blessings and alternative smudging techniques. Made with pure beeswax.

  • Truly Trudy Patchouli - A must for the patchouli-lover in you, or those you know. We use both light and dark organic patchouli essential oils along with a few other EO's to create this delicious blend. Made with soy wax.


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