Dude's Beard Oils

Product Description

The men love their beards, now don't they? 

Love them more with our lovely line or organic beard oils and balm making for a softer more manageable face mane. 

Why Use Beard Oils? Facial hair isn't always soft and easy to touch. But is doesn't have to be that way. And men's skin is just as sensitive as women's. Pamper your beard right and the skin underneath to help nourish that your beard and skin the right way. By using our beard oils that are designed to help tame (just the beard, not the wild man inside of you - wink wink) your facial hair, and treating the skin underneath, you'll have a winning beard in no time!

How to use our beard oils:
Shake bottle before using to ensure organic essential oils are infused with the other ingredients, then use just a few drops into your palms. Then apply to beard in a stroking motion to help coat the beard. Feel free to comb through. 

Currently, we have three delectable kinds of beard oils. And like most of our products, a little goes a long way. 

R U Experienced: An exoctic blend of bergomot and rosemary are the high notes on this 'fragrance' profile.

Norwegian Wood: A natural woodsy cedarwood and grounding fragrance profile with a hint of frankincense. 

Beacon Woods: Similar to our Norwegian wood, but with more citrus notes. We also carry this fragrance profile as an essential oil diffuser blend and body mist/room spray)


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