Herb & Spice Blends: Certified Organic by Heart and Soul Apothecary

Product Description

Certified Organic and Oh So Delectable Herb and Spice Blends 

We created a slew of delicious herb and spice blends to further enhance your meals and dishes. These are super to add to your 'secret recipes' dishes (we won't tell anyone, we promise!) as well our herb and spice blends are great for vegans to carnivores dishes.

Several of our blends have been known to assist people in winning their food contests - not bad eh?! But even if you're not into competitions, our delectable spice blends certainly make your dishes and meals stand out from the rest.

These are not your average grocery store spice blends, start with using half as you might think to use for starters, then taste. Add more accordingly to your liking.

The power of spices and herbs added to your diet are well known including being loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties just for starters. 

PS Our peppercorn menagerie is not just a rainbow mix, but contains smoked peppercorns and Szechuan peppers making for a slightly sweet yet very subtle smokey flavor - it's a customer fave! As this product sells out quickly, we tend to have this back in stock every two weeks.

Be creative too! Have you ever tried mixing our blends with our other blends? For example, adding our Creole Cajun Spice Blend to our Thai Curry blend makes for some fabulous jerk-seasoning mix on the fly.

Each of our spice blends can be used as dry rubs, added as a base to marinades and of course added to all sauces, soups, stews and roasts.


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