Loose White Sage 1oz For Use in Smudging & Teas

Product Description

Loose White Sage 1oz - For All Your Sacred Cleansing Reasons...

As we carry a variety of smudging supplies, loose sage is one of my favorites to always have on hand. Personally I use a few leaves for an instant cleansing whenever in need of clearing the 'air' so to speak.

When I set out to do a full cleansing ceremony, that's when I will use the smudging sticks. And with the loose sage, you are able to use just what you need while saving the larger sticks for those serious cleansing purposes. 

The loose sage is also perfect to set up your room before you meditate and do yoga, art, write, etc. 

Each bag is labeled and is filled with one ounce of wild crafted white sage.


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