Yo Easy Aunt Flo Roll-on For Menstrual Pain Relief

Product Description

Get that monthly pain? Is it that time of the month? Want something more natural and less taxing for your liver to filter out of your system from say taking pills? 

Back by popular demand, this roll-on is made up of an unique blend of certified therapeutic-grade organic essential oils that studies have shown help to ease menstrual pain and cramps.

Simply shake before each use, then roll-on a little bit onto those areas on your abdomen around your ovaries and lower back. A little goes a long way, rub oil into skin. Essential oils include Marjoram and Clary Sage* and the carrier oil is Calendula oil which is incredibly nourishing to all skin types.

Vegan, Soy & Nut Free, Cruelty-free made in recyclable and reusable roll-on glass bottle. 15ml bottle. I resource all the raw certified organic ingredients to make this unique formula from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Each small batch is hand-crafted and made with Heart & Soul. Live life organically, it's only natural®

I also have an 'Easy Aunt Flo Tea' for 'that time' of the month that's both comforting and nourishing to your heart and soul when you're feeling a bit blah from your period, and there's also the ever popular Tame Your Flame Spray Mist (for relieving hot flashes).

*Do note, if you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant do not use. Please visit your homeopathic doctor for guidance. Certain essential oils can be harmful to you and your pregnancy. Clary Sage is one of those essential oils and should be used by experienced practitioners only. It is perfectly safe to use when not trying to get preggers. ;) 

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